Timbertown Tales: Chester Gets a Pet! by Judson Beaumont with Joanna Karaplis, illustrated by Breanna Cheek


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Deep in a forest just north, south, east, or west of where you live, there’s a small, almost-hidden town that might be a lot like yours:Timbertown. Welcome to the first title in the “Timbertown Tales” series, which features award-winning designer Judson Beaumont’s fantastic pieces as characters who definitely have lives of their own…

Chester O’Drawers Teakson wants a pet, but his parents just don’t think he’s old enough yet. So, Chester has to find a way to prove that he’s ready and responsible. Then along comes Sandy. Is she a kitten? No. Is she a goldfish? Nope. But she does have four legs, a lovely smooth finish, and a whole lot of puppy-like energy. Now Chester realizes that maybe — just maybe — his parents were right!

From the magical minds of Judson Beaumont and Joanna Karaplis comes a unique and very funny story about a child’s first pet. Breanna Cheek’s delightful illustrations bring this wonderful and inviting world to life.

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Release Date: November 7, 2016

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Age level:  All ages

ISBN: 978-09916-7825-9

Format: 32-page picture book (full-colour, jacketed, hardcover), trim: 10 inches X 10 inches.


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