Richard Van Camp by Mark Mushet

Richard Van Camp

Richard Van Camp is a proud member of the Tłıcho Dene from Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

He is the author of two children’s picture books with the Cree artist George Littlechild: A Man Called Raven and What’s the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses? Richard is also the author of four board books for babies and young children: Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns; Nighty Night: A Bedtime Song for Babies, and Little You (now translated into Cree, Dene and South Slavey) and We Sang You Home.

Richard’s collections of short fiction include Angel Wing Splash Pattern, The Moon of Letting Go and Other Stories, Godless But Loyal to Heaven, and Night Moves.

His award-winning novel, The Lesser Blessed, is now a feature film with First Generation Films, and his latest novel, Whistle, is about mental health and asking for forgiveness.

Richard’s first graphic novel, Three Feathers, with artist Krystal Mateus is about restorative justice and his second, The Blue Raven, with artist Steve Sanderson, is about mental health. His Eisner-Award-Nominated graphic novel, A Blanket of Butterflies, with artist Scott Henderson, is about peacemaking and its hero is a grandmother. His most-recent graphic novel, Spirit, with artist Emily Brown, is about suicide prevention.

He has two comic books published by the Healthy Aboriginal Network: Kiss Me Deadly with artist Chris Auchter and Path of the Warrior with artist Steve Sanderson.

You can visit Richard on Facebook, Twitter, or on his website:

Photo Credit: Mark Mushet

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